About Me

Todd Price is a nationally recognized stand-up comedian in the corporate circuit that big things are being said about. While mostly concentrating in the corporate world his sets have been crossing over and suddenly he's being recognized by bookers with major agencies and there is even some talk of a developing sitcom to take advantage of his corporate experience.

Todd Price

Todd Price

Comedian - Actor - Director - Writer - Corporate Trainer - Motivational Speaker

Todd travels the country helping to energize small and large companies alike, having worked with everyone from Chase, T-Mobile, GE Healthcare, ExxonMobil, Coca-Cola, AT&T, the Hartford and many, many more. A larger list appears on the Performing Resume page. These events range from consulting, corporate training and team building to motivational speaking and conflict resolution.

Several companies have tapped his vocal and performing talents to be their voice. This includes work for online tutorials, audio PowerPoint presentations, DVD presentations and even voice mail system narration. Not only operating out of his offices in South Florida, he has traveled to all 50 states as well as to Bogota Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and London, England to deliver corporate presentations at meetings.

He graduated from the world famous Second City Training Center in Chicago and trained with the infamous Del Close in improvisation for over a year. His sense of comedic timing is first rate, enabling him to take material to a much higher level. And while much of his background is comedic, his skills as a writer and director enable him to more deeply analyze characters. This makes him highly appreciated by those who cast him in their productions as well as given him a certain notoriety that resulted in a request for him to submit as a writer to Saturday Night Live.