Todd Price has always been an excellent writer, with a special skill at identifying shortcomings in other works. This has allowed him to excel, not only as a writer, but as a script doctor. Improvements to scripts, literary works and other pieces have proven his effectiveness.

Todd Price

Todd Price

Writer - Script Doctor

While still living in Chicago, Todd served on the Board of the Chicago Screenwriters Network and helped run several screenwriting seminars. He not only read and critiqued several works, but assisted in the development of projects at every level of completion.

While working to graduate from the Second City Training Center, he not only single-handedly wrote several of the sketches in the graduating shows, but worked on almost every single sketch on some level or another. From songs to long sketches to quick blackouts, his pieces had audiences howling for more. Combined with his acting skills, his sketches showcased a very strong graduate show.

He collaborated in several online videos on the writing side and hundreds of thousands have seen his videos, whether credited or not. This resulted in being recognized by an agent looking for talent to submit to Saturday Night Live. He considered himself lucky to not get the job and has instead continued to enjoy his position as more of a consultant on writing projects rather than the boiler-room environment of SNL. That being said, he also knows that it would be the one job he could not resist taking.

Believing in ensemble, his writing style often makes the most of all characters, helping each one to have their moment in the sun. This reduces the load on any one character and helps propel a piece as a whole. This group mindset instills power in all characters, while still heeding the need for a P.O.V. character to take the lead.

As an improviser, he brings a voice to his writing that feels natural and paced, with dialogue that has actors feel like they can step into the character and inhabit them with little effort. The "Yes, and..." nature of improv also has created a different approach to scenes that allow for heightened situations and humor coming from the situation rather than punch lines that feel forced. 

Todd Price has written for radio, radio ads, online tutorials, short films, DVD productions, websites, editorial cartoons, screenplays, TV screenplays, one act plays, and an unpublished novel.